Friday, October 17, 2008


The new shoo-in for ‘stupidest man on the planet’ is Mark Ciptak out of Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA. Mr. Ciptak (and I only use the term ‘Mr.’ because I can’t think of a short way to say, “stupid as a sack of hammers”), in a fit of ‘holy cow, I’m dumb as hell’, went behind his wife’s back and named their new daughter Sarah Palin-McCain Ciptak, rather that the using agreed upon, quaintly unbizarre name of Ava Grace. Bold move there, Gomer. Why let your wife have input into something as inconsequential as your daughter’s name? That’s just so silly.

And why did Mark decide that Sarah Palin-McCain would be just a totally awesome name for his new daughter? It appears that he thought that this would be just a swell way to “get the word out.” It’s unfortunate that the word he is getting out is “moron” and that it applies to Mark, his own bad self, but there you go. He does have a McCain/Palin sign on his front lawn, but he couldn’t afford to give any financial support to the campaign (I guess that having a baby kind of cuts into the old discretionary spending), and since Mark felt that not enough people were aware of the upcoming presidential election, or of Governor Sarah Palin, or even of Senator John McCain, he figured that this was the way to go. Officer thinking there, Mark. Well done.

It does appear that Mark-buddy may have some slight, slight inkling that he may be in a teensy bit of trouble with his wife, and he figures that he may be in the doghouse for a couple of weeks. Even in metric that’s only fourteen days, and I think he’s out a bit on that one. If he’s even still married in two weeks he will be paying for this chunk of stupid for a good long time to come. I have seen your future, dim-bulb, and it doesn’t look good.

I’m trying to imagine who would support Beevis in his choice here. As a proud member (or at least a proud supporter) of the pro-family Grand Old Party (AKA: the Republicans) I have to wonder just how much support somebody who has dumped on his wife (and daughter) as hard as this guy has, would have. If Governor Palin’s handlers told her about this, was her reaction, “Gosh, that’s great! It sure is great to live in the United States, ain’t it?” or was it, “He what? That dude’s simple!” I’ve got a shiny new Canadian dollar coin that says Governor Palin figures that Mark’s a dope. At least, I hope she does.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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