Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Vice-presidential debate

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Everybody’s favourite Republican babe, Governor Sarah Palin is all set to go mano a (wo)mano against her Democratic opponent for the vice-presidency, Senator Joe Biden, this Thursday and I’ma thinkin’ itsa gonna be a good one. Non-convention footage of Governor Palin is rare so I’m sure that everybody has been ODing on the one interview she did with Katie Couric (the really desperate are even scouring the Tina Fey stuff for any tiny bit of info they can glean about the real Gov. Palin), just to get a sense of how things will go in the debate, and yes, I do have a few thoughts.

By all accounts, Senator Biden is a whiz on the debate circuit. He knows his stuff, as they say, and he has the experience. Governor Palin, not to be a dick about it or anything, tends to try to pass off ‘folksie charm’ as ability. That ‘regular person’ stuff might fly out there (up there?) in Alaska, but I have to wonder how well it will work when, as vice-president she is dealing with some hardcore bull-loony, hell bent on gnawing a chunk out of her in negotiations somewhere. Sure, she can put a bullet into a moose, but that is something that the professional politicians frown on during negotiations. Even with evil-doers.

The Republicans have been spinning furiously as they try to convince even themselves that Governor Palin is the best person for the job of Vice-president. They had to know that she would have to hold her own in a pre-election debate, and frankly I am a little worried for her. I’m not worried about any ‘toughness’ since I don’t think that anybody who can become a Governor of a state is likely to be a shrinking violet (if that isn’t too offensive), but Governor toughness is different from Vice-president toughness, and in the final analysis, experience is going to count (in fact, up until Governor Palin joined the race, that was the main Republican dis against Senator Obama, wasn’t it?)

My bet for Thursday night is that Senator Biden is going to take Governor Palin to the cleaners, and I already feel kind of bad for her.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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