Tuesday, October 21, 2008

$350,000,000.00 Can.

"Hi, I'm Steve. Vote for me or I'll kill this kitty!"

The most recent Federal election in Canada cost $350,000,000.00, and even in Canadian dollars that's some serious coin (I know, I know. To our friends to the south (the United States), $350,000,000.00 isn't much, and it's even less when it is Canadian dollars. Why in Hollywood that piddling amount wouldn't even be enough to finance one of the larger CGI (computer generated imagery) action-movie extravaganzas. Here in the Great White North however, it'll buy you a government.) Now that would normally be fine. Democracy ain't cheap.

Now nothing really changed a whole lot in the Canadian political landscape. Granted, the New Democrats are a little weaker, the Liberal party will be looking for a new leader and the Green party lost the only seat it had in Parliament, but we still have a minority government. They consider themselves a stronger minority than they were before, but we'll have to wait and see about that. This would normally be fine as well. Elections are not necessarily about change and nobody can really predict how an election is going to turn out. It's that secret-ballot thing.

The thing is, after all was said and done, the once and present Prime Minister of Canada, the right honourable Stephen Harper, head of the Conservative government, said, "this it the outcome we were expecting." Woah up there, Stevie-H! You mean you set an election in motion, costing Canadians $350,000,000 that we can ill afford to waste, knowing that nothing would change? Speaking as a taxpayer there, Steve, thanks a bunch. It's good to know that I live in a country where that sort of cash can be tipped into the toilet for no good reason at all, and it's all okay. Right? Right!

Anyway... Humouroceros

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