Friday, February 08, 2008

Super Tuesday

In my continuing bemusement regarding the election shenanigans going on south of the 49th this year (2008), I flicked on the old radio on the morning following Super-Tuesday (that would be Wednesday morning for the weekly-challenged). I follow the reporting on the CBC since they usually try to present both sides of a subject, without bias, which I like. Give me the facts, I say, and I’ll make up my own mind (big, old Bill O’Reilly of Fox News does not agree. He says the CBC gets it’s information directly from Havana, thus insinuating that they are Commies or something. You go, Bill). The reporter was speaking to people who had just voted in the primary and he happened upon one young fella who claimed he was a college student. This young guy said he hadn’t voted in the last election but he definitely would be this time because they had to get rid of George W Bush.

Now I know that I’m just a silly old Canadian who lives in a socialist country where I spend my days getting free medical care and cashing welfare cheques, but shouldn’t a US citizen who is also a college student know that G W Bush is done as president? He can’t run for president anymore (that darn two-limit thing that Reagan always threatened to do away with) and is now getting ready to retire to his spread in Crawford right after he nukes Iran? I just thought it was kind of funny that a college student who couldn’t be bothered to vote when it might have made a difference, says he wants to vote now for all the wrong reasons. Of course, the dude probably won’t even vote anyway so it’s really a moot point. The bright side is that come January, 2009 when the new president is getting sworn in, and it’s not G W Bush, this little college student will be able to brag to his lefty buddies that he had had a hand in the downfall of president Bush.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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