Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ambassador David Wilkins

Well! David Wilkins, the Ambassador to our great, white country from our good friends to the south (that’s the United States) (not Cuba, nope, nope, nope) has seen his way clear to clear to chastising we Canadians for daring to believe that Maher Arar is an innocent man who was falsely arrested by, and at the instigation of our good friends to the south (remember, the United States, not Cuba) sent to Syria to be tortured. Apparently we Canadians have committed our usual error of thinking that we are our own country where the government protects it’s citizens and is outraged when some other government feels it has the right to essentially kidnap Canadians and have them shipped off to some filthy little backwater for ‘aggressive interrogation’, or ‘torture’ as honest people would say. How silly.

It looks like if we Canadians only knew all the facts regarding Mister Arar then we would understand why he was treated in this foul manner and why he is currently not allowed to enter the US, or fly over the US, or watch US television shows. Oh, if our elected officials were only capable of understanding such complicated stuff as ‘intelligence’ then all would be clear.

One thing I know for a stone hard fact is that I personally am incapable of understanding the US style of “intelligence”. Things like the weapons of mass destruction that were in Iraq, Sadam Husseins connection to the 9/11 attacks or how they managed to miss the preparations for those attacks even though they were given a heads up by the previous Administration. I don’t know if the Mission Accomplished declaration about two thousand US soldiers ago was a matter of intelligence or not, but I doubt it.

So thank you, mister Ambassador for giving the skinny to us poor unsophisticated Canadians. We needed that trip to the woodshed and to be told that it is not the duty of the Canadian Government to look out for the interests of Canadian citizens. I mean, how dare they? It’s not like he was born here, or is white or something, right? The tired, the poor, the huddled masses, and the wretched refuse should just stay where they came from anyways!

And to all those millions of folks who are saying that Ambassador David Wilkins is a slithering, pus engorged, freak of nature, I have to protest! I don’t think he is completely filled with pus. Not right to the top at least.

Anyway… Humouroceros

Ambassador David Wilkins on a camping trip


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