Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Royal coin

The Royal Mint has released a coin celebrating the engagement of William & Kate, but no explanation has been given as to why they didn't use portraits of the happy couple on the coin, opting instead to go with portraits of other people. It has been suggested by some that the people depicted on the coin are a couple of hippies from the 1969 music festival Woodstock while others have claimed the engraving to be of singer Janice Joplin and actor James Dean. The Royal Mint is claiming that the couple depicted are in fact the happy couple, saying it is often difficult to produce accurate portraits on a coin. In fact the art of coin portraits has been around for several thousand years and the Romans were well known for the high quality of the coins with portraits of the Roman Emperors of two thousand years ago (note the portrait of John 'Nero' Belushi below).

A spokesman for the Mint claimed that "The Royal Mint has been recording historical events for over 1,100 years." I guess they had to get at least one wrong. Try again fellows, this one ain't no good.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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