Saturday, May 08, 2010


So let's see, some 17-year old goofball jumps onto the field at a baseball game and runs around like a maniac, waving a towel in the air. The security personnel on hand, rather than chasing this kid down and then tossing him from the park, taser him. Ka-zap - you down.

Had he just robbed a store? Nope. Had he just mugged a little old lady? Nope. Had he just peed on a politician? Hardly. His "crime" was to run around on a field during a baseball game and for this he had several thousand volts zapped through him. Good thing he didn't have some sort of heart defect, or that he didn't fall badly and damage his neck. A death sentence for interrupting a baseball game is a little extreme, even in the United States.

Well done, security people, well done. I mean, he could have been a terrorist or a Mexican or something, right? It is just fortunate that in your zeal to bring this thug down and all pumped up after the thrill of the chase nobody kicked him in the face a couple of times, you know, to subdue him some more.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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