Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nazis on the brain

Everybody understands that desperate people employ desperate means and to my mind that is the only thing explaining what is going on south of the 49th this past while. It is either that or else the right-wing-nuts usual contempt for historical facts and knowledge-in-general that would inspire the currently "popular" comparisons between President Barack Obama and Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, complete with all sorts of utterly clever Photoshopped pictures of the President.

One asshole's idea of humour

I can only assume that the racists and bigots, oh, excuse me, I mean the conservative right-wing-nuts were looking for some new offensive thing to say about President Obama. During the election year of 2008 they hammered pretty hard at Obama's middle name of Hussein, knowing that right-wing-nuts, excuse me, I mean racists and bigots wouldn't vote for someone with the middle name like Hussein (or 'Barack' or 'Obama') since obviously someone with any of those names doesn't have the right to be democratically elected as the President of the good old U.S. of A., land of the free and home of the brave. Why that is hardly racist at all, although I have to wonder what the right-wing-nuts would think of someone with the last name of 'Washington' or 'Lincoln' running for President. Could they get behind someone with either of those names?

Then the "birthers" squeezed out from under a rock somewheres. These are the people who claim to believe that President Obama was not born in the United States and is therefore not allowed by law to be President. The inconvenient fact that Barack was born in Hawaii almost two years after Hawaii had joined the union as the 50th State is ignored and the mindless squawking continues. Of course nobody who is actually capable of thinking coherently ever believed this "birther" nonsense in the first place. Like, say, Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, who when asked (on Sirius XM radio) whether President Obama was a citizen of the United States answered, "I don't know." Good one, Paul. Never let the facts get in the way of saying something dumb.

Once President Obama began health-care reform in the US then the right-wing-nuts really began to "kick it up a notch" (or more accurately, "kink it up a nut") and the Obama/Hitler comparisons seemed to come on a little harder (they had been there before, but mainly only amongst the full-on crazies). This is ultra-strange since what the president was trying to do was get affordable health-care for all US citizens. It is not like he was authorising a security service to spy on domestic telephone and Internet traffic (spring 2001, before 9/11!), or authorising the FBI to "monitor" political and religious groups (fall 2003), or authorising the use of torture (June 2006), or denying students the right to free-speech (bong hits 4 Jesus, 2007). Oh, hold it, those were all acts of the previous administration. A right-wing administration, if I recall.

I think that everybody can agree that there are bug-eyed simpletons sprinkled all across the political spectrum, left, right and center, but when loud-mouth opinion shapers start talking this lunacy, isn't that a bit much? Sure, let the weird and the dim have their say, freedom of speech and all that, but do they really have to be encouraged in their insanity?

Well, apparently encouraging the sanity-challenged is the way to go these days and the heroes of the right-wing-nuts are more than ready to do their bit. Last August the King of Conservatism and arch drug-monkey, Rush Limbaugh (known to some as "the Limblob") honked that there were, "gazillions of similarities between National Socialism in Germany and Obama's health-care plan." Well done, Rush, since "gazillion" is a made up number, as are your "facts", and the National Socialists murdered millions of people while the President's health-care plan will save the lives of millions of people. So, other than being a drug-addled mess and getting all of his "facts" wrong, Rush is on pretty solid ground there. Good boy, Rush.

Rush-blob also figures that "the Obama health-care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo." Well let's see if we can agree on this. I Google-imaged the Obama health-care logo, and I realized that it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to see that Rush Limbaugh is an obnoxious, lying, hypocritical tub of crap.

Rush Limbaugh is an idiot

Everybody's favourite walking butt-log, Glenn Beck, has also waded into the "Nazi" issue (in much the same way he would wade into a turd-swamp hunting for brown-eyed boogers). Beck, who is considered an embarrassment by many of his Fox "news" colleagues has said that living under the Obama administration is the same as the Germans who lived under Hitler, which makes sense until you think about it for a half a second. But then to expect anything more from Glenn, who has what can only accurately be described as a tenuous grasp of reality, is kind of silly. The guy is just another gas filled member of the Fox "news" roster of, dare I say it? Nazi wanna-bes.

Oh ho, now is that a controversial opinion? Maybe, but think of it this way: Joseph Goebbels, a big-time Hitler suck-up right from the early days and head of Hitler's propaganda ministry, came up with a method of convincing the people of anything, called "the big lie". The big lie is where the ministry would state a lie about something and then through repeating the lie over and over would reinforce the lie until people would begin to believe it, no matter how far-fetched it was. Fox "news" as a whole seems to believe in this method, repeating lies over and over, via all of their opinion shows until people who don't like to think too much believe them. Now that is something straight out of the Nazi playbook.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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