Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sir, you go too far

This is not funny!

Now I like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy really, really likes the show) but I’ve been told that on his show the evening of February 24, 2009 he crossed the line between topical humour and what has been called typical United Station arrogance. My sources tell me that as Mister Stewart was talking about President Obama’s first international trip (to Canada) they showed the President signing the guest-book in the Parliament Building with Prime Minister Stephen Harper smiling behind him. Apparently Mister Stewart found it necessary to comment, “Canada, you have visiting world leaders sign a guest-book? Are you a country or a bed and breakfast?” I am reliably informed that this was, like, a total slur against Canada and that I should be insulted, and everything.

The thing is, I was watching the show that night and I thought that bit, as well as all the other bits of the show was really funny, as usual. I mean, I’m trying to be offended that somebody in the United States dared to insult us poor Canadians (because we would never dare to insult or look down on our friends to the south (the United States) now, would we?) but it just isn’t working. I’m not offended. Sorry. I really do want to be one of the team, but there you go.

Actually I’m sort of wondering what the deal is anyway. The brand new President of the United States goes off for his first international trip and the only media in the United States that even notices that he is gone is Comedy Central? That says way more about the state of the United States media than it does about anything else. And how about the way that some Canadians responded to Stewart’s comments? That was just sad. Crying about how the United States doesn’t respect us. Well boo hoo kids and here’s a thought; grab yourselves a hanky, blow your noses and just get on with it. Jon keeps me laughing and that is good enough for me. I find that the biggest difference between our friends to the south and us is, our friends to the south don’t care what the difference is.

Anyway… Humouroceros

PS: I suspect that the White House has a guest-book too. I bet that would make for some interesting reading.


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