Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perry's peter pinched

As much as I like to be on the very cutting edge of the news, entertainment and otherwise, I do miss the occasional bit of information out there. I came upon this one quite by accident. I caught a short clip that mentioned that self-abuse-miester, Johnny Knoxville, had been arrested for trying to get a grenade onto an airplane. Of course as is so often the case the actual story was somewhat less interesting than the headline. It turns out that the "grenade" was just the body of a grenade, sans explosive or a firing pin, that he had been using in a photo-shoot. Okay, kind of dumb but not criminal. There was a link to a related story which stated that Johnny Knoxville had been sued. The newshound in me took over and I hunted that story down, and am I ever glad I did.

It turns out that on September 27, 2006, actor-comedian, Perry Caravello was on the Adam Carolla radio show out of Los Angeles. Johnny Knoxville was in the house and is alledged to have offered Perry $10-million dollarses to place his (Perry's) weiner in a mouse-trap. It looks like, Perry being a wacky crazy type, Perry went ahead and did it. A quick snap later and Perry is crying like a little girl, and about as well endowed (unit-wise) as that same little girl. Well our friends to the south (the United States) are nothing if not litigious, so Perry rushed (or 'crawled') out and got a lawyer and in June 2007 he filed suit against Johnny Knoxville, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Don Barris. Mister Caravello claims that he was physically harmed, his inner tranquility was harshed and he was all loaded down with emotional trauma due to the "assault and battery". Mister Caravello also says that he had to seek medical treatment for his injuries, pain and humiliation (I don't know what kind of medical treatment there is for "humiliation"). Now leaving aside for a moment just what sort of whack-job one would have to be to stick one's junk into a mouse-trap (I mean, those things kill mice, right?), I have to wonder just how dumb that same whack-job would be to believe that Johnny Knoxville has $10-million to toss around on cheap tricks. I mean, look at how the guy dresses. Don't think there's any $10-million floating around there.

Just another odd story from the la-la-land of the weird I suppose, and it looks like the splints came off and old Perry has lead in his pencil again since he dropped the law-suit in June, 2008. Snap!

Anyway... Humouroceros

Artist's conception of Perry at the "moment of truth"


Blogger Matt Bane said...

Classic! I had heard about him suing Knoxville but wasn't sure why. Thank you

8:05 pm  

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