Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two for the price of one

So my buddy the dentist says that this tooth of mine, the lower left second bicuspid, is going bad and I should have that sucker yanked. I figured he knows what is what, tooth-wise, so I agreed and told him that I had some channel-locks out in my jacket if he needed them. He told me no, he preferred to use his own tools, which I totally understand. So in went the freezing, out came the tools, then out came the tooth. That wasn't too bad, I figured as they stuffed my mouth with cotton, and after a cheery good-bye I was off to chat with the receptionist. I pulled on my jacket as I was talking to her and she began to laugh, then she called in the nurse who had helped with the "procedure". "Look in his pocket," she says, and then the nurse began to laugh too. They had thought I had been kidding about the channel-locks but I did in fact have a pair in my jacket pocket (I hadn't put them back in my tool-box yet.)

Now I told that story so I could tell this one:

After having my tooth pulled I had to be careful to only chew on the right side of my mouth, and to rinse after every meal. So New-years eve pops up, as it tends to do this time of year, and I decide to go wild and have an olive stuffed with a garlic clove. Well it is the eve of a whole new year so I suppose I may have been chewing a touch crazily, and the next thing you know I have this garlic clove jammed into the socket where the tooth had been. I went and looked in a mirror and it looked as if my tooth had grown back. Ha, ha, I thought to myself as I tugged the clove out, and then I bled for quite a while. Happy New Year.

Anyway.. Humouroceros


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