Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ann, Ann, Ann

Ann Coulter is, as I understand it, the crown princess of the Raving Right for our friends to the south (the United States). She earns her living by saying and writing horrible things about people she disagrees with. There is no low to which she will not stoop and if there is mud to be thrown she is in there mouth first, ready and willing to get her hands dirty. I’ve read and heard some pretty terrible things about poor old Ann, but one thing I cannot remember ever having read or heard is that she is stupid.

I recently watched a clip of a CBC television show called the Fifth Estate (available online at the CBC website), which was about the right wing media in the United States. There was a short interview with Ann where she mentioned that Canada had sent troops to Viet Nam. The interviewer said that Canada had not sent troops to Viet Nam. Yes we had been in World Wars one and two, and Korea, but the Canadian military had not been involved in the Viet Nam war. Ann, being Ann, insisted she was right and then said she would look into it and get back to him. Which she never did. Later on when Ann was on C-Span (a US cable network) she mentioned the Canadian interview where she belted out, “Apparently he (the Canadian reporter) didn’t know that thousands of Canadians crossed the border to join the US military and fought in Viet Nam,” and she then went on to say just how dumb the Canadian reporter had been. Now, hold on a second there Ann. The reporter did not say that no Canadians had been in Viet Nam, he said that Canada did not send troops to Viet Nam, which it did not (and having said that; I have read that Canada did send peace-keepers to Viet Nam in 1973. I didn’t know this and I would bet that Ms Coulter didn’t either. Some have used this as proof that she knew what she was talking about and that is just silly. Watch the original interview. It’s obvious that she meant that Canadian troops fought along side the US troops in Viet Nam, and that never happened. Canadians were there as part of the US military, not as members of the Canadian military.) Obviously Ann was just confused.

Or perhaps Ms Coulter just isn’t all that bright after all. I believe that an intelligent person would have done a little bit of research and then once she had realized that she had made a mistake (heck, everybody does at one time or another) she would have admitted that she had been wrong and we all could have moved on. Instead she chose to lie about it and carry on as though she had been right all along. Isn’t that the sort of behavior we can expect from poorly raised children?

But that’s all right. She’s a right-wing nut and probably doesn’t know any better so here’s the deal, Ann. Canadians are aware that some Canadians joined the US military and fought and died in Viet Nam. Every Remembrance Day (that’s November 11th, Ann) there are Canadian Viet Nam war vets in attendance at the ceremonies across the country and they are treated with the same respect as the veterans of any wars that Canada was involved in as a nation. It’s unfortunate that after saying something that was wrong, as you did, you had to say something stupid to try to hide your ignorance. Well done, Ann. Well done. What’s it like to be a disgrace to thinking people everywhere?

Anyway… Humouroceros

PS: a great big hooting Arabic-style thanks to for the photo. There’s lots of weird stuff there, check it out.


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