Saturday, November 25, 2006

Original land-bridge presentation

The following is the official summary of Professor Reihold Simpson’s original paper to the Canadian Institute of the Theoretical Sciences regarding his theory regarding the prehistoric existence of a land-bridge running from Antarctica up to northern British Columbia, Canada. The summary is being presented here because of the unwieldy length of Professor Simpson’s original presentation, which included several dozen “for further information please see” sorts of notes which are not important to the central theme of the presentation in this forum. There were also several drawings, fanciful drawings by the Professor’s own hand it would appear, of what look like wookies riding unicorns and what appear to be elephants playing marbles. These drawings may be shown at a later date but for now the textual document and the Professor’s original map will just have to do.

Gentlemen; I have been following the continuing discussions regarding certain questions RE: the interspecie locationals of animal and plant-life species between the Americas. I have put a great deal of thought into this and the only logical answer is that at some prehistoric time there must have been a land-bridge between the southern and the northern hemispheres, much like the one that once existed between Asia and North America.

This north-south land-bridge would have passed through all the temperature indices of Earth from the cooler polar areas to the extreme highs of the equator. This variety of temperature zones, combined with the unique climate inherent with a relatively narrow land-bridge (see Boyles Temra-physics and Land-bridge Micro-ecologies), would have provided perfect conditions for all types of wildlife including unicorns, heffalumps, gully cats, wizzles, woozles, ligers, and many others including a tall, hairy, bipedal mammal I have chosen to call, for no special reason, a sasquiyetifoot. None of these creatures are with us today because of the catastrophic destruction of the land-bridge at some point in time. I say catastrophic because no evidence of the land-bridges very existence is around today.

It seems obvious to me that the environment on the land-bridge would have been exceptionally mild, with gently rolling grass covered hills as well as forested areas with all sorts of trees and plants where birds could sing and small critters could frolic, and it seems only natural that all the creatures there would have lived in perfect harmony. It would have been a paradise.

Gentlemen, I believe that this theory merits investigation. I will begin to organise a team so that we can further explore this theory and it can be proven one way or the other. Thank-you for your time and your continuing support.

Sincerely; Professor Reihold Simpson


Anyway… Humouroceros

Proposed possible route of the land-bridge


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