Friday, October 27, 2006

Canadian self-esteem

In the interests of Full Disclosure: The first Hard Rock band I really listened to all the time was Kiss. Back in the day (to coin a phrase) there wasn’t much choice when it came to heavier music to listen to and for what I needed to listen to at the time, Kiss fit the bill. Their double LP Alive was about it as far as party albums went (I don’t remember many a party where that was played at full blast, if you know what I mean) and one of my favorite parts was the BS stylings of bass player, Gene Simmons. No fancy stuff, just get the job done and if confusion ever starts to set in just run your hand up and down the bass’s neck and let the chips fall where they may. That’s rock and roll.

Now old Gene is not merely the bass player for a hugely successful rock combo. Over the last thirty years he has acted in movies and on TV, written books, released solo albums and, from what I see and hear in the popular press, he is currently starring in a “reality” TV show called Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

After that, probably needlessly, lengthy introduction we come to the pit, the nut, the very cusp of what this one is all about. Here’s something that Gene himself said on GSFJ: "You Canadians have Canadian self-esteem issues. Your problem is why can't Canada be as cool as America. Time to get over it. Your air's cleaner, your women are prettier, get over it. You can hear a Canadian in any movie theatre - the movie comes on and you hear 'Hey, did you know they're Canadian?' And it's like oh please, it's so embarrassing. Canada must just be hiding its face. Buy some cool. Buy some of it."

Well heck, Gene, you nailed it. Some Canadians do have self-esteem problems. Personally I am so freaking tired of hearing how (insert name here) who is doing so well in the US doing movies or music or TV or whatever, is originally from Canada. So? I mean, good for them but the fact that they had to leave their home country so that they could “make it” seems like kind of a funny thing to brag about. “Yes, June, Jo-Anne Hotbody, the Bobocitos of Anaheim, is starring in another monster Hollywood blockbuster that has Academy Award written all over it.” “That’s right, Brad. She’s originally from Canada, you know.” “Sure did, June, and lucky for her she left or she’s be working as a greeter in Canadian Tire to make ends meet after starring in a huge Canadian movie that nobody will ever see because that’s just the way things work!”

To quote Dogbert; “Bah!”

Anyway… Humouroceros


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