Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The War on the War on the War on Christmas

The thing I “like” about the Fox News Service is how on one hand they have this self image of the self reliant, ready to take care of business, fearless Americanism, and on the other hand they are absolutely terrified of everything. The world is out to get them, be afraid, and by the way, the atheists are out to get rid of Christmas. This is, of course, complete bullshit, but it keeps them happy.

See, the thing is that atheists can’t be bothered to have a war on Christmas. There are way more important things to do and doing battle with Jolly Saint Nick is just not worth the effort. And if Christians want to go to church and be all pious and stuff, hey, get ‘er done. Just keep it out of my face and we’ll all be fine. I’ll make fun of you and, well, whatever. It’s all good.

So where does Fox News get it’s “facts”? Well they seem to spend a great deal of time searching out that one school in the continental United States that has a holiday pageant rather than a Christmas pageant. If a company doesn’t drench their stores in red, green and silver bunting, then obviously they are totally anti Christmas. This is what passes for “logic” and “journalistic integrity” at Fox News. The sad thing is that now I get to say “WTF” with them.

Today I received a mass e-mail thing from one of the largest internet service providers in Canada. It mentioned the holidays a lot, and mentioned the holiday season, but the word Christmas was curiously absent. How utterly, utterly odd I thought to myself as I opened it and got ready to toss it into the recycling. Then three postcards dropped out. Of course the first thing I thought there was, why would an internet service provider be sending our snail mail items? That’s weird (or it‘s ironic - either/or I guess). Then I looked at the post-cards, which are to be used to connect with friends and family during the holiday season, and none of them mention Christmas either. Okay, now that is just a little bit silly.

Obviously not everybody buys into the currently popular heavily edited version of the Christmas story, with no room at the Inn and all that noise (I mean really, where is the slaughter of the innocents? Get your Matthew on and remember, old King Herod was bat-shit crazy!), but the 25th of December is still called Christmas. I mean seriously, if anybody is loony enough to bitch every time they see the word ‘Christmas‘, well it’s time to take the string and gum away from those dudes because you just don’t know what they’ll get up to next.

So there are nimrods on both sides of this thing (I can’t even call it an ‘issue’), but the war on Christmas side does seem to have more than it’s fair share. So there’s no war on Christmas, but at times there does seem to be some folks out there who are afraid to use the word Christmas, and that’s just sad.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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