Friday, March 16, 2012

The Donalds Sons Hunting Elephant Tail

From the "oh gosh, would this be news if it involved anybody else" department: comb-over king, the Donald Trump's sons, the Donald Jr, and Eric Trump spent part of 2011 in Africa, enjoying the sights and killing as many animals as they possibly could in the limited time they had in-country. Reports of an elephant, a crocodile, a waterbuck, a civet cat along with uncounted mosquitoes falling to the brothers hunting acumen flooded the Internet bringing cries of 'for shame' from PETA, the well known pro-animal organization. "Like all animals, elephants, buffalo and crocodiles deserve better than to be killed and hacked apart for two young millionaire's grisly photo opportunity." Sure, PETA forgot to mention the mosquitoes, but what they were referring to by "grisly photo" was the above picture of the Donald Jr standing by a freshly dead elephant holding the elephant's tail, which he appears to have just detached from the elephant. The Donald Jr has defended his actions in the photo, saying he was merely taking part in a local custom. I am just guessing but I wonder if any part of the custom involved dancing around waving the newly hacked tail over your head yelling, "Whose your daddy now?" Just wondering.

Now I do not have a problem with hunters or hunting - not responsible hunters anyway. My family has more than a few hunters in it, past and present, and I wouldn't say no to a moose steak or a nice grouse stew. Folks who hunt and eat what they catch are just fine. This "exotic animals" hunting thing does get under my skin a bit though. It all seems a little "bwanna" to me. A little too British empire, pith helmet, sun never sets, shoot the shit out of everything because we can, sense of entitlement to me. The privileged whacking an elephant "because we can" is messed up. I do not believe that the Trump boys will be shipping huge crates of elephant, crocodile and civet cat meat back to New York for a large feast with thousands of admirers. In fact I know they won't be. The boys say they donated all of the meat to local villagers. Why those lucky local villagers! Free meat from the Trump hunters! Where would they be without rich white boys coming over to shoot up the local wildlife? Jeezum-crow, Trumpers, pat yourselves on the backs. You are like heroes. Great white hopes, even.

And just what does the Donald himself think of this whole deal? He is not a hunter, per se. Yeah, he says he hunts the good deals and makes the big money, but he does not go out to the great outdoors and put bullet holes into animals for relaxation (or for any other reason), which is nice for the animals. He does defend the actions of his sons, which is nice too (being their dad and everything). "I am not a believer in hunting," he says, "and I'm surprised they like it." Fair enough, but I wonder if he has noticed how his son's hunting parallels what he says he does for a living? His boys kill animals and he kills hope in what used to be called the American Dream. "You're fired," indeed. It looks like tha acorns didn't fall too far from the tree.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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