Saturday, November 11, 2006

The New York Times traitoricityness

In what is being described as a successful sting operation against the liberal media (lib-med), the White House recently provided proof as to how The New York Times is helping to spread nuclear secrets around the world.

The sting was set up in March of 2006 with the creation of the Operation Iraqi Document Portal on the Internet, supposedly to have the American people assist in searching through the reams of Iraqi government papers that US government translators did not have time to read (it’s a well known fact that the 87% of the American public is fully fluent in Arabic). However it wasn’t until September of 2006 when nuclear bomb papers were “accidentally” posted to the site that The New York Times tipped their hand. Apparently the information posted earlier on the World Wide Web regarding the manufacture of the nerve gases sarin and tabun wasn’t quite enough. The Times waited until the nuclear secrets were posted before announcing to the world that they were available.

Oh ho! Busted! The media’s liberal bias has long been known of but to be caught in this way can only be described as embarrassing. As former White House Chief-of-staff, Andrew Card, says, “I’m a little concerned that The New York Times has announced (the availability of these documents which the US government has placed on the World Wide Web) to the world.”

Hugo Loudmouth, Leader of the grass-roots non-partisan organization, We Hate The Liberal Media (And The Democrats) released a statement stating in part, “It’s like we’ve always said, these people at the New York Times as well as all the other liberal, leftie saturated media are all traitors! How dare they abuse their right to free speech to announce to the world what the government, which by the way is lead by our glorious leader, George W Bush, has put on the Internet? They should be drawn and quartered and hung and shot and stuff, like the traitors they are. It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault and his wife’s ugly.” Mister Loudmouth’s passion on this subject, as a good right-thinking American, is evident.

Anyway… Humouroceros

Hugo Loudmouth waxes apoplectic


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